Bona Fide Non-US Federal Government Agency or Organization, v1.0

Used to demonstrate that an agency or organization is NOT part of the United States federal government, and therefore is not subject to certain rules and regulations that pertain to U.S. federal agencies.

Assessment Steps (2)

Verification of Contact Info (VerificationofContactInfo)
Verify the purported contact information and point of contact of the trustmark applicant. Acceptable means of verification include the following.
  • Verify the information is consistent with information available in the White Pages or Yellow Pages.
  • Verify the information is consistent with information available in Dun & Bradstreet reports.
  • Verify the addresses by physically inspecting the property located at those addresses.
  • Verify the organization phone number by calling the number.
  • Verify the point of contact by calling the organization phone number and inquiring about the point of contact.
Was the purported contact information successfully verified? Document the means used to verify the information.
Means of verification of the organization's contact information.
Verification of Legitimacy (VerificationofLegitimacy)
Is the organization a legitimate organization operating within the United States but not part of the Federal Government? For state, local, and tribal government agencies please provide documentation of authority. For NGOs, please provide certificate of incorporation.
Means of verification of the organization's legitimacy.

Conformance Criteria (2)

Contact Information
The organization MUST purport the organization's contact information and the name and contact information of an individual point of contact (the "contact") who is a person that is a representative of the organization. This information MUST be verifiable via an independent, publicly accessible source. The purported contact information MUST include an address of business operations, a mailing address, and a telephone number. The purported point of contact information MUST include the contact's first name, last name, business telephone number, and the capacity in which the contact represents the organization.
Legitimate Non-Federal Government Organization
If the organization claims to be a state, local, or tribal government agency, then it MUST have been created by an appropriate legislative, executive, or judicial authority. If it is a non-governmental organization (NGO) then either it or its parent organization MUST be registered with the Secretary of State of the State specified in one of the organization's addresses of record.