Establishment of Federation Parameters for Acceptable Assurance Levels, v1.0

Federation authorities must establish with policy and procedures for how their federation operates in terms of FAL, IAL, and AAL, and must define how the federation participants will be assessed for those assurance levels.

Assessment Step

Federated Authority Assurance Level Parameters (FederatedAuthorityAssuranceLevelParameters)
Does the federation authority establish appropriate parameters for IAL, AAL, and FAL for all members participating in the federation?
Provide evidence (e.g. organizational policies, compliance/assessment reports, sample data, required TIPs, etc.) that support whether the federation authority has established requirements for IAL, AAL, and FAL.

Conformance Criteria (1)

Federation authorities SHALL establish parameters regarding expected and acceptable IALs, AALs, and FALs in connection with the federated relationships they enable.
NIST SP 800-63C
Section 5.1.3, Paragraph 3