FBCA CP Section 3.1.1, Types Of Names, Rudimentary, v1.0

Profile of Rudimentary level of assurance requirements for the Federal Bridge Certificate Authority (FBCA) Certificate Policy (CP), FBCA CP Section 3.1.1, Types Of Names.
Publication Date: 2018-10-29
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Keywords: PIV-I, Security, Identity, Federal Bridge,
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Trust Expression:

TD_NonNullSubjectDistinguishedNameDNInCertificateAuthorityCACertificates and TD_NonNullSubjectDistinguishedNameDNInRegistrationAuthorityRACertificates and TD_NonNullSubjectDistinguishedNameDNInEndEntityCertificates and TD_EncodingOfSerialNumberUniversallyUniqueIdentifierUUIDinCardAuthenticationCertificates and TD_RudimentaryAssuranceEndEntityCertificateNaming

References (5)

Addresses requirements for CA certificates including a non-NULL subject DN.
Addresses requirements for RA certificates including a non-NULL subject DN.
Addresses requirements for certificates issued to end entities to include a non-NULL subject DN.
Addresses requirements for encoding the UUID within the serialNumber attribute of Card Authentication Certificates
Addresses naming requirements for End Entity certificates issued with a rudimentary level of assurance.
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