FPKI PIV-I Certified, v1.0

Specifies requirements to verify that an organization's PIV-I Certificate Authority (CA) has been cross-certified in accordance with the Federal Public Key Infrastructure (FPKI) Policy Authority. Pertains to direct cross-certification as well as indirect cross-certification through an acceptable "chain of trust".

Assessment Step

PIVI-Approved (PIVI-Approved)
Has the organization been approved by the FPKI CA (or bridged to the FPKI CA with a navigatable trust chain)? Be sure to review this site: http://www.idmanagement.gov/approved-piv-i-entities and provide all certs involved in the trust chain if the certification is not direct.
Provide evidence of their FPKI Certification (including all certs in the chain as required).

Conformance Criteria (1)

An organization that has been certified by the FPKI is published to the Approved PIV-I Entities site.
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