NIST SP 800-63-3 Federation Authority Profile, v1.0

Profile of requirements that a Federation Authority must satisfy to comply with the NIST Special Publication 800-63-3 series of documents.
Publication Date 2019-04-05
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Keywords NIST, 800-63, Identity, Federation, Authority
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TD_EstablishmentofFederationParametersforAcceptableAssuranceLevels and TD_EstablishmentofApprovedProfilesofFederationProtocols and TD_VettingofFederationParticipantsforAdherencetoExpectedFederationCriteria

References (3)

 TD  Establishment of Federation Parameters for Acceptable Assurance Levels, v1.0
Description Federation authorities must establish with policy and procedures for how their federation operates in terms of FAL, IAL, and AAL, and must define how the federation participants will be assessed for those assurance levels.
ID TD_EstablishmentofFederationParametersforAcceptableAssuranceLevels
Provider Reference
 TD  Establishment of Approved Profiles of Federation Protocols, v1.0
Description Federation authorities must establish a set of valid federation protocols and/or profiles on which the federation will operate to enable interoperability between federation participants and to fulfill other requirements as needed for the specific technical or business use-cases of the federation.
ID TD_EstablishmentofApprovedProfilesofFederationProtocols
Provider Reference
 TD  Vetting of Federation Participants for Adherence to Expected Federation Criteria, v1.0
Description Federation authorities must have mechanisms in place to establish the security, identity, privacy, and interoperability standards for the federation, as well as providing details on how they ensure participants meet those requirements.
ID TD_VettingofFederationParticipantsforAdherencetoExpectedFederationCriteria
Provider Reference
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